There are three concepts that are important today in every home: energy efficiency, safety and comfort. From the technological point of view, what is known as smart buildings and smart homes, is in reality home automation and has become an indispensable element in everyday life.
Home automation is the integration of technological devices with intelligent design to control areas in a closed space. The system consists of different modules, sensors and a control station, which connected to the network, allows remote access to data and control all the house systems.
You can control different systems such as lighting, energy, temperature and water, but it also allows you to automate from a coffee maker, to blinds, gates, hot tubs and even the food supply for pets.

We present you 10 smart devices for your home

The rise of smart homes has brought new and incredible devices that can make our lives more practical, convenient and enjoyable. Experts predict that by 2020, the global smart home technology market will reach 100,000 million and the average home will have more than 35 connected devices. These are some of the smart home gadgets that you can already include in your home:
1. Controller

To create a smart home, it is necessary to have a control center that allows the integration and monitoring of all installed smart equipment. There are different brands in the market, each one with particular characteristics, but in general these controllers allow you to manage up to 220 devices throughout your home, through mobile applications for smartphones.
2. Sensors

Sensors are all the devices that are connected to the central controller and allow to measure and control different types of parameters such as movement, temperature and humidity. These terminals are what enable the automation of many processes in the house, without having to replace the devices with new implements. Among the actions that can be controlled using sensors are heating, lighting on and off, raising and lowering blinds and perimeter security circuits.
3. Plugins

Plugins are small devices that connect to the devices’ plugs, to make them become smart outlets and allow turning on and off the different appliances from the mobile application. Besides, some of these plugins help monitor electricity consumption and understand the energy expenditure dynamics in your home to make it more efficient.
4. Smart thermostat

Achieving the ideal environment and temperature in each space is something that many people seek for their homes. Thanks to the smart thermostat, we can now control the air conditioning (temperature on and off) or heating, anticipating the requirements of each hour of the day to avoid demanding more from the system and end up wasting energy.
5. Alarm

For those who want to strengthen the security of their homes by making the most of smart connected devices, it is very important to install an alarm system. These devices permit the activation and deactivation of the alarm according to predetermined hours and even combined with other sensors, can detect intruders and activate a security protocol by turning lights on, devices and notifying the owner in real-time.
6. Security camera
Having a camera closed circuit is not something new. However, the possibility of observing spaces in real-time and the motion sensors integration have made these security classics essential in any smart home. Security cameras are ideal to monitor and listen to what is happening in your spaces, and to start recordings with the motion sensor.
7. Smart lock
Controlling the access to the house or any space is possible thanks to these devices, with which you can manage the locks from your smartphone connected to the central system. Best of all, this security lock can be installed on a standard door and has a quick closing system and an anti-vandalism alarm.
8. Smart touch switches
This type of switches that are activated by simply sliding the fingertips or that can be programmed to turn on and off the light of any space, and even control the intensity or color of the lighting, turned out to be a great element when giving an elegant and modern touch to the house.
9. Led bulb

These bulbs allow you to create different environments in each space, playing with the perfect light tone, depending on the time of the day or the night. Thanks to its functionalities you can create very interesting color combinations and schedule routines according to the needs of each space.
10. Wireless doorbell

With a wireless doorbell, you can adjust the melodies and volume of your door to receive your visitors with pleasant sounds. This device does not represent a big change compared to the traditional ones, but being able to customize every aspect of your home is very entertaining.
Building a smart home is no longer a future dream, it is becoming easier to automate functions of our homes and the cost becomes more accessible over the years. As you have noticed, it is not necessary to remodel the entire house and acquire expensive facilities to get the advantages of smart homes.

By acquiring some devices and sensors, and especially a home automation controller, almost any device can be transformed into a smart device, meaning you won’t have to get rid of all the appliances you already own.
If you want to transform your space into a smart environment, the most important thing to remember is that you don’t need to have all the gadgets on the market. Plan, design and analyze your needs so that you can find the devices that really integrate better with your daily life.
Although it may be a bit strange at first, you will see that the advantages of installing such devices are greater than any negative aspect. In addition to offering you comfort, it will allow you to control and understand your consumption patterns, making the use of resources more efficient. If you think this article was interesting, tell us in the comments What other connected devices have you heard of?


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