PrimeStone and its utility partners accomplished a great deal in 2018 around meter data collection, processing, reporting, and analytics.

A key Toronto, Ontario based utility and client of PrimeStone’s for a number of years, upgraded its meter data collection to the Prime Energy Suite version 10, to reduce data collection time and support the increase in the number of residential suite meters processed by the new system.

The main objective of this project was to implement a solution that supports the continued growth of suite metering points, ensuring the scalability of the system to handle future growth. Today, the software reads 80,000 meters. The number of suite meters to be read over the next few years is expected to top out at 150,000 end points.

The scalable and high-performance architecture of the Prime Energy Suite (PrimeES) allows simultaneous collection, storage and validations at the time meter readings are downloaded. This represents a significant improvement in processing time in relation to the previous versions of the software. The data storage time has been reduced by 28% and the data export to the billing system by 94%. As a result, this Toronto based utility can deliver information to regulators ahead of schedule as well as optimize the time spent by the business operators and IT teams to get the data collection, analysis, and reports completed.

Here are some benefits that the utility realized with this update to the latest PrimeStone software:

  • Integration with IBM MQ, the IBM queue manager.
  • Cyber-security improvements.
  • Support for environments with high availability and disaster recovery.
  • Improvements in the load balancing of the most critical processes
  • mprovements in the administration of RAM on the servers and work stations.
  • increased functionality of the API services for the meter data collection and reporting solution.
  • A large reduction of weekly manual processing of 8-10

PrimeStone continues to evolve its software offerings to help utilities. The team is working on other ways that the utility can leverage the software around data analysis with a new analytics layer built into the software as well as working with large Commercial and Industrial clients!

More companies in the province of Ontario are approaching PrimeStone to learn about our software and best practices around collecting suite meter data, residential meter data and

Commercial and Industrial meter data. In fact we have 4 excellent LDC utility partners and look forward to more growth in the region for 2019