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Our software solutions are running in production at over 250 utilities in 25 countries.  We have seen it all, and look forward to sharing our expertise at your utility



We make it easy

Our solution works with over 300 different meter manufacturer models via any number of communications methods. Let us consolidate and automate your metering data collection & analysis issues to free you and your staff up

Reliable data: smart decisions

We ensure that collected data is complete and timely from sub-minute interval reading to less complex larger interval reads. Since the data sets are complete, our decision and reporting engine will dramatically increase your productivity

We offer modular solutions

Our motto is to provide solutions that fit the needs of our customers. From meter data collection to advanced data analysis, we have a number of modules that provide different functionalities to your utility. You can grow with us and do not have to eat the elephant in one bite

Escalation capability

The architecture of our solution set is purposefully built to handle ever increasing data processing needs. Let us show you how it works


We are flexible

Unlike many providers, our modular software solution system can meet individual utility needs. Flexibility is built-in to our software and we listen to your specific data collection and analysis requirements and processes

We are interoperable

Utilities have legacy software and hardware solutions that work but could use additional functionalities to take data analysis to the next level. Our software solutions integrate to a number of enterprise systems (billing, SCADA, Head End Systems, MDMs, OMS, and more), helping to extend their value.


Success Stories


This technologically advanced renewable energy company uses the PrimeStone meter data collection software for two important wind farm projects: Eólica de Arriaga and Eólica los Altos.  Additionally, the company integrated the data collection software to feed their billing system and efficiently charge their customers.


The multinational Italian powerhouse company, Enel, use PrimeStone’s meter data collection system in Mexico for the flexibility that is built into it, the platform provides for the management of different meter manufacturer models, and meets the stringent data reliability requirements for this global company.

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The right decision

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