In response to the needs of several of our clients, we developed a Communications Dashboard that allows the user to analyze the status of networks and communication systems, through the results of the calls effectiveness to the meters in a period of time.

This new Dashboard will let you visualize the following data:

  1. Number of calls per server or computer.
  2. Number of calls per type of communication.
  3. Quantity graph of the most called meters.
  4. Percentage of call effectiveness.
  5. Percentage and total of failed and successful calls.
  6. Total calls by type of failure.

This information will help you to:

Know how the resources of the servers or call equipment are being distributed in your system.

Know the most appropriate time to make the meters call.

Analyze if the types of communication used are efficient according to the number of meters set by different means of communication.

Know which meters are being called most frequently. This can help you, for example, to analyze if a meter is consuming a lot of data due to a number of unnecessary calls.

Have an indication of the cause why calls are not being done effectively. For example, if the communications channel is not available, if the calls fail due to the setting of the response times of the meters or if there is an error or failure in these.

This Dashboard allows you to filter the graphics with a single click on the bars or data, therefore giving the most detailed information.

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