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PrimeStone has created services to complement and facilitate meter data collection and analysis.

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Achieve results by strengthening the skills of your team

Our team of expert professionals provides customers with knowledge of primestone solutions to increase their understanding of the products’ operation in order to enhance operational tasks and achieve business objectives. The service offers several levels to align with the team’s objectives.


We ensure accurate and efficient results

Our staff are experts in project management and adopt the best practices when implementing primestone solutions to ensure quality of service. Our implementation activities are launching applications, new functionalities, or developing and migrating data for version updates.


We ensure customer satisfaction

Our support service ensures the quality of the solutions by addressing and correcting failures and automatically making improvements. Our customers obtain updates, new software versions, and released device protocols. Moreover, our service includes the remote support of queries about tool use and the diagnosis, management, and troubleshooting of incidents. We adjust our service levels to your needs.

Database management and maintenance

Effective and reliable management of your db

We have qualified staff to manage and maintain your database in order to improve the performance and reliability of primestone applications. We also monitor the database to ensure its availability and performance.

Software as a service

We value our supplier-customer relationship

We adapt products according to the software as a service model to offer greater benefits to our customers. By operating cloud-based solutions, our customers obtain benefits such as eliminating hardware costs and initial installation costs. This saves hardware costs, offers scalable solutions, automatic updates with solutions accessible from anywhere.

Professional meter data collection service

We manage your meter data collection effectively

Let us take care of the remote meter data collection and device verification and monitoring to focus on your business and increase productivity.


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