Many companies feel the pressure to expand and evolve their digital transformation strategies in an ever, changing technology environment. This poses challenges to even the most advanced utilities around the world. Yet this digital

transformation is critical to operating a modern utility and to provide customers as well as employees with services and experiences that guarantee their loyalty while maximizing profitability.

A current global trend is the investment in cloud, based technologies. By 2022, more than 50% of network and IT services will be managed by the cloud, and by 2028 the cloud will have 80% penetration into IT budgets according to an article by Crawford Del Prete, published in IDC.

Utilities have recognized this trend and have started steadily migrating many of their solutions to the cloud. In fact, 28% of all utilities are using cloud services today according to a global survey by Unisys Corporation, conducted in conjunction with IDG Research.

We want to share with you an article that illustrates how utilities see their future in cloud services.

Why (and how) utilities see a future in the cloud

As a response to this clear trend in the market, PrimeStone will deploy its latest and greatest software solutions that are fully compatible with cloud infrastructure. Our goal is to always provide optimal solutions that emphasize operational efficiencies and improve maintenance costs for our utility clients