Analytics, Interoperability and Flexibility

Analytics, Interoperability, Flexibility and Machine Learning on a single platform to take full benefit of utility Smart Grid Data




¿What is PrimeAnalytics+?

PrimeAnalytics+ is a software solution for modern utilities that captures, validates, and analyzes data from multiple devices and data sources in order to optimize decision-making and extract the highest value from the information. It is based on advanced analytics that are all integrated on a single platform.
PrimeAnalytics+ can read over 310 meter models, supports many different communication protocols, and seamlessly exchanges data with other corporate systems. Our solution facilitates the flow, analysis, and use of data to generate value across all work teams. This is our key value proposition for the digital transformation in today’s power utilities.
This platform is designed with an advanced architecture to gather readings in near-real time and can operate on-premise or as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.

Main features


  • Analytics based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML)
  • Interoperable with numerous back-office systems such as GIS, OMS, CIS, ERP and SCADA based on standards like Multispeak and CIM.
  • Multi-tenant architecture, flexible, scalable and based on Open Source technologies.
  • Adaptable to the specific needs of each market and oriented to react in a timely manner to changes in the industry and electricity regulations.
  • Cybersecurity based on the following frameworks: NIST SP 800-53, NIST CSF, FedRAMP, ISO27001 and ISO27034


Key Functionalities of our platform


Monitor customer compliance for clients on interruptible load contracts when events are called. Quickly identify the MWs saved when an interruptible load event is called for different blocks of customers to determine value of calling an event.


VEE (Validation, Estimation and Editing)

Verify the reliability and completeness of meter data and estimate the missing interval readings based on user-defined rules.


Obtain visibility into high-end complex commercial and industrial (C&I) meters in sub-minute intervals with near real-time monitoring that detects power outages, voltage sags, and swells. It integrates with Outage Management Systems (OMS) using interoperability standards such as Multispeak and CIM to proactively monitor these high revenue customers.

METER DATA COLLECTION (Remote and on-site)

Robust and flexible Meter Data Collection engine that supports over 310 meter models and other devices such as concentrators, gateways and geo-referencing modems. Additionally, it is a multi-HES (Head End System) aggregator.



Publish load profile, logs, events, and power quality readings across teams for internal and external users.

Analytics based on AI

Take the next step to unleash the power of your collected data and realize improvements in operations, service quality, productivity and profitability. Here are some of examples of PrimeAnalytics+ advanced analytics soluctions: 


Enhance customer experience by detecting power quality anomalies and improving service quality based on advanced predictive analysis algorithms that help identify the most probable root cause of the disturbances.


Avoid the cost overruns of underestimating or overestimating energy demand. Use advanced AI forecasting techniques to take control of your operations and predict in the most accurate way possible your energy demand. Our sophisticated analytics models not only uses historical demand data, but also includes calendar, weather and social data.


Monitor interval readings, registers, events and system logs in order to receive near real-time system-wide alerts. Errors and exceptions are traced in a timely manner using a flexible, user-defined formula engine to define the conditions you are looking for. Alarms are displayed on Google Maps together with other KPIs on user-friendly dashboards. 


Detect non-technical energy losses using AI. Our advanced analytics engine combines historical, social, economic and customer data to detect users with high potential of energy theft. Besides being a predictive model, it is also prescriptive. This means that actions are suggested to avoid future energy theft while measuring the effectiveness of each action.


Predict solar generation for any type of PV installation based on weather forecasts, historical data and on-site sensors. Hour-ahead and day-ahead forecasts are generated using advanced Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning analytics.


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