Analytics, Interoperability and Flexibility

Analytics, Interoperability, Flexibility and Machine Learning on a single platform to take full benefit of utility Smart Grid Data




¿What is PrimeAnalytics+?

PrimeAnalytics+ is a software solution for modern utilities that captures, validates, and analyzes data from multiple devices and data sources in order to optimize decision-making and extract the highest value from the information. It is based on advanced analytics that are all integrated on a single platform.
PrimeAnalytics+ can read over 310 meter models, supports many different communication protocols, and seamlessly exchanges data with other corporate systems. Our solution facilitates the flow, analysis, and use of data to generate value across all work teams. This is our key value proposition for the digital transformation in today’s power utilities.
This platform is designed with an advanced architecture to gather readings in near-real time and can operate on-premise or as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.

Main features


  • Analytics based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML)
  • Interoperable with numerous back-office systems such as GIS, OMS, CIS, ERP and SCADA based on standards like Multispeak and CIM.
  • Multi-tenant architecture, flexible, scalable and based on Open Source technologies.
  • Adaptable to the specific needs of each market and oriented to react in a timely manner to changes in the industry and electricity regulations.
  • Cybersecurity based on the following frameworks: NIST SP 800-53, NIST CSF, FedRAMP, ISO27001 and ISO27034


Key Functionalities of our platform


Vee (validation, editing, and estimation)

Verify accuracy and completeness of device data and estimate readings with missing interval information using set rules. Moreover, readings can be labeled through quality codes (iec 61968-9). Our solution supports validation, editing, and estimation rules to build data sets of higher value and use them in processes that require higher quality and completeness of the information.

Query dashboards

Interact with dashboards to navigate optimally between large data segments in order to have good visibility of information.

Energy consumption web portal

Publish load profiles, registers, events, and power quality readings to external customers.


Audit all actions performed on any entity, service point, device, variable, or reading managed in your system.

Reading versioning

Versioning allows saving different measures of the same reading to query the modifications on each reading interval that is being recorded.

Alarms and notifications

Automatically detect and notify failures and events in smart devices or other elements of the advanced metering system through a robust alert and alarm configuration engine.

External systems configuration

Exchange information to and from external systems.

Manage permissions through Abac model

The abac (attribute-based access control) model supports particular authorization rules on application modules.

Total consumption report

Export reports in various formats (pdf, excel, csv, json) adjusted to your needs. The supported reports are total monthly consumption, quality codes, monthly anomalies in readings, changes in devices, monthly demands at peak hours, and more.

Ami system management

Run connection and disconnection tasks, limit power, update firmware, and schedule devices remotely and massively to leverage the advanced metering infrastructure and reduce costs of on-site tasks.


Receive notifications with the diagnosis of actions performed in the system to keep you informed.

Analytics based on AI

Take the next step to unleash the power of your collected data and realize improvements in operations, service quality, productivity and profitability. Here are some of examples of PrimeAnalytics+ advanced analytics soluctions: 

Power quality

We improve our customers’ experience by detecting anomalies in the power grid and quality of service using advanced predictive analytics algorithms to identify the cause of the disruption.
Mejoramos la experiencia del cliente detectando anomalías en la red de energía y la calidad del servicio con algoritmos de análisis predictivo avanzado que ayudan a identificar la raíz de las perturbaciones.

Reactive energy monitoring service

We support the achievement of energy efficiency

We monitor the excess of reactive energy transport in your system to take corrective actions to reduce penalties and billing cost overruns.

Meter data collection monitoring

We display essential information on meter data collection through dashboards that perform querying indicators and statistics on device calls in order to calculate the efficiency of the communication tools used for device queries.

Transformer monitoring

Our solution monitors the current status of distribution transformers and identifies features such as load capacity levels and damage to equipment in order to optimize asset management processes. This provides valuable information and allows customers to make smart maintenance and replacement plans. It is a useful solution for traditional distribution systems and those considering the incorporation of distributed energy resources in the grid.

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