We have a powerful suite of software solutions that integrates meter data collection from many different communication protocols, with powerful Big Data and Advanced Analytics capabilities built in and focused on the needs of utilities.

It is designed with the right architecture to run large volumes of data without the need for large investments in hardware and IT resources.

Know the benefits
  • Have a single platform to read all your meters and store all readings in a single database.
  • Be the first to know about errors and anomalies in the operation.
  • Provide a friendly and intuitive web portal for internal users and end consumers.
  • Convert millions of data into relevant information for each level in the organization.
  • Easily integrate our information with your ERP, SAP, SCADA and GIS billing systems.
  1. VEE Validation, estimation and editing
  2. Interoperability
  3. audit log
  4. Alarms and notifications
  5. Analytics
  6. Aggregation
  7. event handling
  8. Traceability on the history of the meter (resume)

Data acquisition and control actions

We improve the data acquisition process

Prime energy suite (PES) is a multi-protocol, multi-network software suite for data management that
supports nearly 300 device models. PES adapts to the unique operational practices of each company by automating usual workflows through schedules, simplifying the collection and processing of device data, all while providing control for actions such as time synchronization, disconnection, reconnection, demand reset, and more.


We ensure data consistency and reliability

We guarantee data quality and integrity through validations predefined in the solution. Users only configure the tolerance ranges to ensure data reliability.

Estimation and editing

We implement careful estimation and editing techniques to ensure data quality

From actions based on historical information, typical consumption curves, backup device readings, and information about generated energy, energy consumption can be estimated at a specific point of your system. Moreover, device readings can be modified and edited.

Data visualization

We offer a solid basis for informed decision-making

The data cube facilitates the query of information stored in the db through alters that allow setting search parameters to extract specific data, as needed. This allows making reliable decisions and analyzing online and historical device data.
Furthermore, the cube generates graphs with information on the variables stored in the db and exports them in divergent file formats.

Report generation

We simplify the information management of your system

We support reports that can be scheduled for automatic, periodic, and unattended generation and distribution in different file formats: PDF, HTML, txt, csv, rtf, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and XML.


We support the management of tariff structures

We support tou tariffs, and the creation of calendars based on seasons and day types to manage and distinguish user consumption profiles and demand control.

Meter tracking sheet

We support the asset management of your metering system

We keep the electronic document containing the technical characteristics of the elements of your metering system, verification reports, records of calibrations, maintenances, installed seals, and other elements and actions.

Import and export

We manage routine activities quickly and easily in order to minimize errors

Our system provides the ability to import mass amounts of information provided by third-party systems and can export information stored in the db into different file formats.

User administration and auditing

We guarantee data protection and security

The management of users and user roles allows granting specific permissions for the application actions and functionalities. It restricts the access control, deleting, and editing of data. In this way, a correlation exists between the user’s role in the operation and in the application to run tasks. Moreover, every user activity is logged with a timestamp for auditing purposes.

Loss analysis

We timely identify fraud or energy theft in your electrical system

Our solution tracks the energy losses of your distribution,
transmission, or generation system, and quantiles them by nominal voltages. It supports other loss analysis and visualization activities, such as mapping your electrical system, calculating energy balances, and analyzing electrical structures in specific geographical areas.

Query portal

We strengthen the relationship With your customers

The query portal keeps your customers informed about the consumption patterns of sockets, which encourages efficient energy use. We also promote your commitment to building strong, sustainable, and long-term relationships with your customers based on mutual responsibility.

Calculation tool

We calculate variable readings not delivered by your devices

We solve practically, and simply, the electrical calculations required by our customers’ operation. We calculate load profile through registers, typical consumption curve, and virtual variables.

Demand response

We improve the reliability levels of the electrical system

Our solution online monitors the contracted demand of your customers to track exceeded loads and reduce consumption.

Alerts and alarms engine

We support the detection of system anomalies

Alerts and alarms timely notify customers of detailed information on the occurrence of important events, as well as technical or electrical inconsistencies in your metering

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