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We work by offering back-office solutions to utilities, mainly in the energy sector, our extensive portfolio allows the modular implementation of solutions under different combinations to meet each of the needs and requirements of customers. With over 30 years of experience, we have supported companies to better manage their assets and optimize operational tasks. Our solutions combine the latest technologies, from conception to implementation to provide tools capable of monitoring and managing data in the millions, while reducing costs and improving the reliability of the information collected. Here is some detailed information about our core products:

More than a Meter Data Collector (MDC)

We have the best multiprotocol measurement software on the market with extensive application in various telemetering ecosystems, and with a long history supporting the operation of customers around the world to make measurement an easy, reliable, timely and automated task. Furthermore, we consistently pursue the expansion of communication protocols, as well as the scalability and ease of use of our solution. Our MDC has an application suite consisting of various modules that provide strategic information for your company. Prime Energy Suite includes:

Multiprotocol Data Collection

We support about 300 protocols for data collection and can interact with meters through different media and communication topologies. Collection is unattended and automated to reduce your company’s operational tasks.

Controlled Actions

We manage the execution of controlled actions remotely such as time synchronization, disconnection, reconnection, and demand reset.

Validation, Estimation and Editing

We ensure the quality and integrity of the data collected with more than 15 pre-defined validations in the solution. We also support estimation and editing readings.

Alert and Alarm Engine

We support the monitoring of measurement systems and creating notifications with detailed information about the technical and electrical conditions of your system.

Calculation Tool

We support the following electrical calculations in a practical and simple way: profile calculation through registers, typical curve calculation and calculation of virtual variables.

Electricity Loss Analysis

We support the analysis of non-technical electrical energy losses of your system.

Import and Export

We facilitate the massive export of critical data for our customers, as well as the import of critical information from other systems.

Consultation Portal

We offer a tool for your customers that allows you to keep them informed about the consumption behavior of one or more measurement points.

Demand Response

We manage the online monitoring of the contracted demand of its customers, to track loads that are eventually exceeded, and thus procure the reduction in consumption.

Our solutions apply to electrical generation, transmission, distribution, and C&I systems.

Architecture of our MDC

The Prime Suite is designed to connect to the most popular database engines on the market, Oracle, and SQL, using a Windows environment. The implementation of the solution is carried out under the on-premises model. Other important aspects of our architecture are:

  • 64-bit native application
  • Multi-level architecture that allows flexible distribution across the network environment or through a geographically dispersed environment.
  • Management of relational databases that keep all the information centralized in a secure way.
  • Innovative and friendly web interfaces

Key Benefits

  • Optimization of operating time with unattended execution of schedules
  • Increased reliability of data collection
  • Integration with MDM systems
  • Integration with a wide variety of communication infrastructure
  • Centralized data
  • Support compliance with rules and regulations of your country
  • Monitoring and traceability of the activities being carried out
  • Early detection of anomalies in your measurement system
  • Identification and quantification of non-technical losses from your system

MDC High Volumetrics Version

The high-volume version is characterized by including additional components that enhance the functionality of the Prime suite. This new architecture supports the consuption of millions of data points and optimizes the process of downloading and inserting information in the DB.

Architecture high volumetric version

Meter Data Management (MDM)The high-volume version of our MDC has a high availability architecture for managing large volumes of data through messaging queues. This ensures optimal performance of the solution in the event of system failures, and involves deploying a master node and one or more mirror nodes so that when an event occurs one of the mirror nodes can take the place of the master node, making the solution resilient to faults.

Under this architecture the extraction of data from the meters is done through messages, which are sent and managed by a messaging queue manager. Among the components that make up this version are:

  • Cache database: Cache memory allows you to quickly retrieve frequently used or requested information.
  • Messaging Queue Manager: Scalable messaging agent, high availability for messaging queue management and indispensable in data processing.
  • Azure Service Fabric: Microservices architecture for processing information that is extracted from meters.

Benefits of the high volumetric version

  • Scalable to multiple instances
  • High availability
  • Better application performance
  • Management of millions of data points
  • Optimizing the process of downloading and inserting information
  • Distributed architecture that allows you to adjust to the growth of your business

PrimeAnalytics + Meter Data Management (MDM)

+ Solutions, + Intelligence

Our MDM integrates state-of-the-art Big Data and Analytic technologies for consuming, validating and analyzing data from a variety of sources, supporting strategic decision-making, which allows you to take advantage of the information. This becomes the ideal tool for management and administration of your AMI Advanced Measurement Infrastructure.

This solution is designed to work with various data sources with the ability to exchange information with other back-office systems and with multiple HES (Head End System) using cim, MultiSpeak and AMRDEF standards.  Our MDM allows both the adequate management of large volumes of information, as well as the generation of value from the data collected to obtain improvements in terms of operations, quality of service, productivity, and profitability of companies. This solution operates as Software as a Service (SaaS). Below you will find the main features of the solution:

Centralized Data

We store and centralize information related to your advanced metering infrastructure, providing up-to-date and detailed data on your customers’ consumption, and on the state of the network. We in turn allow the exchange of information from and to external systems. Through the communication and exchange of information with your back-office systems, our solution performs the self-configuration of the business entities, which becomes automated.

Reading Versioning

We store all the readings received for a variable from a service point even when it already exists with the same time stamp, in such a way that it is possible to perform the versioning of each reading and make this data available for various purposes.

AMI systems management

We support remote and massive execution of tasks such as:  cutting, reconnection, power limitation, firmware update and meter programming. This is to maximize the use of your smart metering infrastructure and the reduction of on-site labor costs.


We have a formulator that allows you to establish a wide variety of parameters for the validation and verification of the integrity of the data of your AMI devices, as well as allowing the estimation and editing of data.

Alarms and notifications

We manage the detection and notification of faults and events present in your Intelligent Measurement Infrastructure.

Data analytics

We implement analytics models to give energy companies the ability to control their energy flows, regulate the grid, optimize work, and avoid errors that could cause large losses. Our analytics models enable:

Telemetry Control:  Generates indicators and statistics regarding meter calls to offer a clear view of how efficient the different means of communication implemented are used for the inquiry of devices.

Energy Loss Reduction:  Implement artificial intelligence algorithms to optimize your business, which allow detecting electrical energy losses by potentiating the power of analytics through the application of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive models.

Tailor-made designs: Understanding that each company has its own needs, the solutions we offer allow our customers to parameterize their own business rules.

Key features

Dynamics: Adaptable to the needs of each market since it is oriented to evolve and adjust to changes in the industry.

Interoperable:  Ability to exchange information with numerous back-office systems such as HES, GIS, OMS, CIS, ERP and SCADA, through MULTISPEAK, CIM, AMRDEF or web services.

Analytics:  Analytics based on artificial intelligence, which, supported by the consumption of data from multiple sources, allows the prediction of results from various processes such as consumer criticism, among others.

Big Data– We have the right architecture to load, transform, and process large volumes of data, without the need for large investments in HARDWARE and IT resources.

Computer Security: cybersecurity based on the NIST SP 800-53, NIST CSF, FedRAMP, ISO27001 and ISO27034 frameworks.

Interactive Dashboards: We guarantee the clear vision and the management of the information related to your Advanced Measurement Infrastructure, through the consultation of indicators and statistics from the solution dashboards.

Architecture of our MDM

The architecture of our MDM is designed to be scalable, high performance, with high availability and incorporates Big Data for the storage, processing, and analysis of large volumes of data. Being a scalable platform, it is possible to increase computing capacity as the customer increases its fleet of meters, since an adequate and effective processing cost is sought, therefore, as the client grows, our solution will also grow seamlessly without noticing changes in the performance. In addition, being a distributed system allows for fault tolerance, thanks to the redundancy of the information that, when stored in different nodes, makes it possible to respond to an event that causes the unavailability of a component.

Our MDM operates as Software as a Service (SaaS) backed by the cloud through AWS, being a 100% web solution, with a modern interface and compatible with the main browsers on the market. This infrastructure allows:

  • More efficient development practices
  • Continuous performance improvements to the solution
  • Used for both small projects and large deployments
  • Software stability in extreme situations
  • Detection of potential failures in a timely manner

Key benefits:

  • Lower system implementation costs
  • Leveraging data using advanced analytics
  • Control and optimization of information
  • Ensures that smart meters are always up to date
  • Achieving additional value of your data
  • Based on a next-generation cloud architecture that allows the system to adapt to growing needs and ensure reliable operation.
  • Allows to generate proactive asset management strategies that improve the reliability of the network
  • Cybersecurity enabled
  • Modern and easy-to-use interface
  • Optimization of operational costs

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