This designation is the most recognized appraisal in the international market and is provided to companies that demonstrates the best-in-class practices in software engineering and development.

April 27, 2021 (Cary, NC and Bogota, Colombia) – PrimeStone, a Trilliant company, is the Latin American industry leader in data collection and analytics with a customer base that reaches across the globe. The company was recently evaluated by the CMMI® Institute and obtained Maturity level 3 in the Development model with SAM (Supplier Agreement Management), becoming the second company to obtain this appraisal in Latin America under the new version 2.0.

This assessment, issued by the CMMI Institute, signifies that PrimeStone demonstrates best in class practices in their software engineering and development programs throughout the entire lifecycle, from conception to deployment. The company’s commitment to skillful operations has resulted in greater reliability and high levels of customer satisfaction. It also has allowed PrimeStone to continuously improve while maintaining compliance with the process of international buyers. By dedicating themselves to the quality of their work, PrimeStone has continued to show the industry, and their customers, that they can be trusted.

“The results given by CMMI signals that PrimeStone is continuing on a path toward delivering high-value solutions to the global marketplace,” says Andrew White, chairman and CEO of Trilliant. “As Trilliant and PrimeStone merge operations, their longstanding commitment to quality will only strengthen our shared future.”

PrimeStone has a strong presence across North America with Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs), federal agencies and cooperatives in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Their reach further extends into Asia and Africa and is now expanded deeper into each market since being acquired by Trilliant in February 2021. Trilliant specializes in smart grid and smart cities solutions for modern energy and service providers. Their networking products provide high powered solutions for today’s problems and come with a built-in ability to manage whatever new challenges the future may hold.

Together, the two companies will continue providing high levels of customer service and satisfaction to their customers across the globe.

About PrimeStone

PrimeStone, a Trilliant company, has 30 years of experience in 25 countries and has worked with more than 280 utility clients in the development of software and services for all levels of the electricity ecosystem (data collection and analysis, database administration, project management, telemetry and specialized consulting). The company continues to successfully adapt and innovate its suite of solutions to ensure compliance with different requirements in international markets, as well as take advantage of the latest data collection and processing technologies.