Utility Day Metering Ecosystem exceeded expectations

The Utility Day Metering Ecosystem conference took place in Bogota, Colombia, on October 24th and 25th of this year.

This event, hosted by PrimeStone and Oracle, featured the keys to smart metering.  Other important companies in the industry participated besides PrimeStone and Oracle.  Those companies were Tecun, Hexing, Tatic, Inpel, Inorks, and Digi; The main event featured a stage with large digital screens that showed the cutting edge technologies from these contributing companies.  Beyond the commercial vendors, PrimeStone secured speakers from important agencies like CREG and UPME from Colombia. The Utility Day experience consisted of sharing ideas, success stories, as well as knowledge about smart metering in Colombia and Latin America.

The main themes covered at this event included: Advanced Metering InfrastructureBig Data, challenges and goals of current Colombian smart metering projects, among others. There were great speakers, who presented their knowledge and experiences based on how technology has changed for metering in the energy industry. One such speaker, Dr. Maria Claudia Alzate from CREG, spoke about energy metering features in Colombia, industry metering goals and relevant statistics, such as, 14 million meters have been installed in Colombia. 

Attendance for Utility Day was 130 people from 51 companies from the energy industry from Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, and others. Lastly and with much anticipation, our CEO Carlos Guevara introduced the new PrimeStone architecture that features Intelligent Data Collection + Analytics.