The marketing team carried out virtual trainings that began in July.  The PrimeStone sales channels of Central America, Mexico, Chile and Colombia all participated in this series of educational refresher classes. The webinar was conducted by Diana Hincapie, an engineer who taught four classes on different modules: Meter Data Collection, Validation of data and how to use the VEE engine, setting Alarms & the corresponding notification on connected meters and Energy balances to detect both technical and non-technical losses.

The first two webinar classes have been completed and the sales channel participants learned a lot and were complimentary of the sessions’ value. The other two class will be held later on in September and October.

Here are some statistics on the survey responses that we received:

  • 96% of the attendees considered that the content and information received during the webinars greatly enhanced their knowledge of the PrimeStone Solutions.
  •  Regarding the teaching of each module, 83.5% of the attendees considered the information to be excellent and 16.5% considered the content to be good.
  • 100% of the attendees rate the duration of the sessions as appropriate.
  • Some of the comments and suggestions given by the attendees are:


Omar M. EOS Technology.

“Congratulations on these sessions”

Paulo R. Zalo Engineering.

Customer training

In addition to this training for our channels, we are doing the same Virtual Training for customers, with the same modules, plus an additional one that will be: a reminder of the platform’s functionalities. So far this first module concluded with very good results, of the 190 registered, the attendance was approximately 90 participants during each session. We will continue to carry out this type of approach with our channels and customers, not only for the consolidation of our relationship with them, but also to show them that PrimeStone is interested in being their support and ally.

You will receive information regarding the upcoming Virtual Training sessions in English.