From September 30th to October 3rd of 2018, the PrimeStone team served as sponsors and exhibitors at EEI’s conference in Indian Wells, California.  This marks the fourth year in a row that PrimeStone has stepped up to be a sponsor at this critical industry conference.  As usual, the EEI team put on an excellent conference with dynamic tracks.  We attended the Metering and Distribution track and sat in on interesting sessions about topics such as:

  • Utilizing Grid Condition Analytics

  • Edge Analytics

  • Outage Predictions/ Preventions

  • Phase Detection Using AMI Data

Moreover, our team had the opportunity to discuss interesting topics and initiatives going on with current clients to prospective utilities in attendance who may experience similar problems that our software solutions can solve around data analysis and collection.  Some major areas of interest from the attendees regarding PrimeStone solutions were around operationalizing collected meter data, PrimeStone’s analytics and big data path, advanced lighting data collection, how to use PrimeStone’s multi-vendor meter data collection and analysis engine, interoperability of Prime Energy Suite with other head end systems as well as Outage Management Systems.  We showed PrimeStone is committed  to providing a platform that collects, validates, analyzes, manages and controls powerful meter data.