Meter Data Collection optimizes Smart Meters

The evolution of the electrical grid is focused on Distributed Energy Resources (renewables, EVs, Microgrids, storage and demand response) and has exponentially increased the need for actionable data.  The first step is smart meters, the second was networks, but to make that data actionable requires a sophisticated yet flexible collection engine.

What is Meter Data Collection (MDC)?

Meter Data Collection is a robust and tested technology used for years as a tool to access high end meters for Industrial and commercial clients.  Like the grid itself, MDC has evolved to encompass a new role accessing  all smart meters and edge of grid devices, enhancing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and distributed energy resources. MDC allows two-way communication between energy meters, different enterprise systems, and end-users. It increases the frequency, usability, granularity and breadth of edge of grid data.

Here are some benefits of MDC:

  • Accuracy and consistency across all data sets
  • Network agnostic, capable of retrieving data across multiple communication methods and different hardware devices.
  • Power outage monitoring built-in with OMS integration.

PrimeStone software consists of the foundational element of Meter Data Collection (MDC) that is optimized for the Smart Grid! PrimeStone’s MDC supports more than 310-meter models and provides the ultimate flexibility along with interoperability.