Power outages cost billions of dollars and impact millions of people. Thanks to Smart grid technology, the impact of these events can be minimized by detecting these outages as quickly as possible and acting in a timely manner in order restore service in the shortest amount of time possible.

With the PrimeStone Enhanced Outage Monitoring and Detection System software our customers get visibility into high-end complex commercial and industrial (C&I) meters in near real-time sub-minute intervals. The software monitors the meters for power outages, voltage sags and swells, and integrates with Outage Management Systems (OMS) as well as workforce automation tools.

The software has a user-friendly interface so the operator can monitor the meters’ data related to outages and other pertinent events in near real-time.  Additionally, the solution runs 24/7/365 in the background to identify outages and energy restoration based on registers and event data collected directly from the meters.

This solution addresses a metering population that until now did not have this proactive outage monitoring capability. The software helps utilities know when their highest revenue customers with polyphase meters have a power outage or voltage issue by phase.

The system is flexible and can integrate to a number of other enterprise systems.