The On-Site Mobile Meter Data Collection Engine is software that allows the collection of data from meters at the place where the meters are located. This solution is ideal as a contingency plan to collect meter readings that are difficult to access remotely. The application is installed on Windows-based laptops or tablets and once the information is captured, it is imported into the main database.

Its main features are:

  • It supports all 310 meter models that are integrated into PrimeStone’s main MDC (Meter data collector) (PrimeRead) software.
  • It supports wired and wireless technologies to interrogate meters in the field using optical probe, Bluetooth and / or serial connectivity.
  • Import of metering devices that are created in PrimeStone’s main MDC (PrimeRead).

Users created in the MDC can access the software. Users synchronize between applications through a web service. It also has a new functionality to synchronize

the call log between applications thus obtaining the unified information in a single database (that functionality is called ‘Active Directory’).

PrimeStone’s MDC Benefits Include:

  • The unification of the meter data into a single database, regardless of how the data is collected.
  • Complete control over the access to the application of all users.
  • Collecting readings from hundreds of different meter models with a single application.
  • A contingency plan in case remote communication with the meters is lost or not possible.

More than 90% of our clients have the on-site meter data collection engine (PrimeRead Mobile) as part of their methodology and data collection ecosystem.