Registered name: PRIMESTONE S.A.S
Document type: Tax identification number
Identification number: 800.111.946-0
Legal nature: Private
Kind of person: Legal person
Economic activity: Computer systems development activities
City: Bogota
Address: AK 7 156 68 TO 3 OF 803
Cell phone: + 57 322 945 3932
Land line: +1 356 3500
E-mail address of Processing responsible:
E-mail address of legal representative:
Web site:

PrimeStone S.A.S in compliance with law 1581 of 2012, which refers to protection of
personal information, collects, stores, processes and protects personal data, with the
following purposes:
For supplier’s personal data
PrimeStone performs personal data processing of its suppliers and other legal or nature
persons, with a business relationship, with the purpose of running contractual agreements

in the purchase contracts or services acquired, carrying out established actions in our
Supplier Management process, which covers activities such as: selection and evaluation of
suppliers, requests for legal and banking documents, visits to their facilities among others.

For customer’s personal data
PrimeStone performs personal data processing of its customers and distribution channels,
with the purpose of running billing processes, licenses issues, executable files creation,
commercial tracking, commercial visits, sales promotion and business relationships among
others, these activities belong to Marketing and Sales Area to obtain the planned results
within our Company.
Purpose of data processing collaborators:
PrimeStone performs personal data processing with people with an employment
relationship, with the purpose of running contractual agreements in labor contracts ,
carrying out established processes in our Integrated Management System, specifically in
the personnel administration process, which includes activities such as: the search,
recruitment criteria, request for personal, academic and labor documents, visits to their
housing, all supplied to the Company voluntarily with prior consent; furthermore, during
employment relationship, management information on affiliations, salaries, other
payments and medical histories among others., which are used in internal or external
processes for rights.

Purpose of data processing visitors:
The purpose is to control safe entry and occasional or frequent circulation and exit of
visitors. Other purpose is to provide security measures to protect collaborators integrity
and company assets. This information will be registered only to ensure who visits our

Purpose of video recording system:
The cameras record customers, suppliers, collaborators, visitors or any person who enters
into our facilities.
The purpose of its use is to provide a recording service, which can collects useful
information in case of loss, theft, damage or misuse of our resources. The videos are
stored for a week in the PrimeStone Data Center properly guarded.

Rights of the owners and processes to exercise the rights:
An owner of the information has the right to:
– Know, update and rectify the personal data
– Access and request evidence of authorization given for data processing for free
– Be informed of the use of data
– Submit complaints to the company or to SIC for infraction of the law.
– Revoke the authorization or request elimination of personal data.
– Know PrimeStone’s personal data processing policy

– Identify responsable person for personal data processing, who will answer the
requests and complaints.
Primestone is located in AK 7 # 156 – 68 NORTH POINT 3 OF 803. Bogota.
Number phone: +1 3563500. E-mail address:

PrimeStone communication channels
The following are the enable means to submit queries, requests, complaints or claims:
– Written communication directed to:
Ak 7 # 156 – 68 North Point 3 OF 803
Bogota D.C
– Telephone communication through:
+1 356 3500 – +57 322 945 3932
Schedule of attention: Monday – Friday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
– E-mail address:

The established schedule to give attention and answers are:
For requests and queries
They will be attended within a period of ten (10) working days from the date they are
received . If it is not possible to respond the request or query, PrimeStone will report to
the interested person the reasons why there was not the respective response and will

indicate a new date of response which cannot be longer than five (5) working days
following to the expiration of the first term.
For complaints and claims
They must be presented written and it will be processed in a lapse of 15 working days as
long as the information delivered by the applicant is completed. This information must
contain at least the applicant’s data (full name, ID number and notification address, either
physical or electronic) to be able to effectuate the query in the personal database, the
description of the facts that are on the complaint or claim and the documents that
support the request as appropriate. If the information is unfinished or is not properly
justified, PrimeStone will request the interested person along five (5) working days
following to the reception of the complaint or claim, the correction of this information. If
there is no response by the interested person in the next two (2) months the request will
be left.

Date of entry into force of the policy and validity of the database
The current personal data processing policy entries into force from November 1, 2017