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Meter Data collection & analysis solution


This technologically advanced renewable energy company uses the PrimeStone meter data collection software for two important wind farm projects: Eólica de Arriaga and Eólica los Altos. Additionally, the company integrated the data collection software to feed their billing system and efficiently charge their customers.

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Grupo Dragón is a leading renewable energy company specializing in generation harnessing, wind, geothermal and solar energy in Mexico. Part of their core corporate values encompass environmental stewardship.

Meter Data collection & analysis solution


The multinational Italian powerhouse company, Enel, use PrimeStone’s meter data collection system in Mexico for the flexibility that is built into it, the platform provides for the management of different meter manufacturer models, and meets the stringent data reliability requirements for this global company.  Enel’s revenue in 2017 was $74 Billion Euros or an estimated $83 Billion Dollars.  PrimeStone’s ability to fit their technology solutions into Enel’s complex IT environment is a testament to the company’s software development and implementation skills.

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ENEL, the leading clean energy operator in Mexico and a global multinational corporation, with an installed capacity of 1540 MW in wind and solar energy, relies on the meter data collection & analysis solution (PrimeRead) to promote growth in the adoption of clean energy.

Meter Data collection & analysis solution


The Spain-based multinational electric utility company with headquarters in Bilbao generated around 31 billion euros last year.  Iberdrola uses the PrimeStone meter data collection solution to control and manage the data from eleven different sites throughout Mexico, to serve industrial clients with high electricity consumption.

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Iberdrola is a leading generator of wind, solar and thermal energy with natural gas in Mexico.

The company has installed capacity of 6,000 megawatts (MW) through seven combined cycle plants and five wind farms, with production capability to serve a population of twenty million consumers in Mexico.  They needed a sophisticated and flexible data collection and analysis system.  The PrimeStone solution was the right choice.

Meter Data collection & analysis solution


This company is part of the multinational, ENEL.  They deployed PrimeStone’s solutions at two of their main projects:

  • Mantis: This project is aimed at controlling losses. Harnessing PrimeStone’s Revenue Assurance Solution (consisting of the meter data collection module, the alerts & alarms module, and the VEE module) to read meters and generate alarms that are centrally managed using intelligent modems. Since deployment, the utility has increased visibility into where the potential loss points are in their network and are deploying their operation crews in a more timely and effective way as a result of this deployed software from PrimeStone.
  • Meter Data Collection Center: In order to maintain compliance with the established rules in the CREG 038 regulation, CODENSA set up its Measurement Management Center for the administration of commercial border points also known as intertie points.  They deployed PrimeStone’s meter data collection software which collects data daily and automatically sends the report required that is required by the Colombian Market Administrator, XM.  One of the strongest value propositions that PrimeStone brought to Enel Codensa was the automated, always on data collection software with advanced reporting.
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CODENSA S.A. ESP, Bogota’s main electricity distributor, belongs to the ENEL Group.  They use PrimeStone meter data collection solutions in two of their main projects.

  • 14,000 meter measurement points 100% 100%

PrimeStone Technologies Inc. is a privately held software development company founded in 1990 by a team of industry experts, with over 25 years of experience in meter data collection, management and analytics.



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