Prime Analytics+

PrimeAnalytics+ is a software solution package leveraging PrimeStone’s previous success in the marketplace.  It provides meter data collection from many different communication protocols along with powerful built-in Big Data/Analytics capabilities focused on utility needs.

 It is designed with the right architecture to run large volumes of data without the need for major investments in hardware and IT resources



Meter Data Collection Plus

MDC is more than simply collecting remote readings it also consists of analyzing data for advanced decision making and integration to other enterprise systems.

The heart of the solution is a robust and flexible data collection engine that supports more than 310 meter models (residential plus commercial and industrial meters).

Know the benefits
  • One platform to read all your meters and store all the readings in a single database.
  • Be the first to know about errors and anomalies in the data to make corrections or take action immediately.
  • Provide an intuitive web portal for internal users and end-use consumers.
  • Convert millions of data points into relevant information for different departments in the organization.
  • Easily integrate our solution with the utility GIS billing systems, OMS, ERP, SAP, SCADA and more.
MDC+ Validation
  • VEE Engine: Validation, estimation, and editing of data
  • Interoperable with any meter, communication type, and other systems
  •  Audit log files for security, transparency, and accountability
  • Alarms and notifications set on Load Profile, Registers, and Events from meters
  • Analytics with dynamic dashboards to visualize data in granularity or for management style reports
  • Aggregation of multiple meters to create virtual meters and more
  • Meter history traceability

A scalable solution that grows according to your needs

You can start with a small, controlled system and add to it as needs dictate. 

Demand Response

Monitor in near real time your most critical clients to avoid system overloads

Know the benefits

The benefits obtained with this solution:

  • Visibility into customer compliance with DR event
  • Near Real-Time meter scanning
  • Monitoring and control Dashboards
  • Automated interruptible load event notification/load control
  • Snapshots and Audit Log
  • Near real-time monitoring solution with logic that displays load available for curtailment with block eligibility/priority.

  • Multi-tenant solution accounts for different Interruptible Load rules from all participating operating companies on one platform.
  • Provides dashboards, email/text alerts, with the potential for controls.
  • Monitor your most critical meters in near real time to identify high impact service failures.

  • Detect phase drops, interruptions and service restoration by automatic calls to the meters at frequencies below a reading interval.

  • Count on integration with OMS systems.

  • Generate service orders for work automation systems.

Know the benefits
  • Immediate visibility on outage and restoration status for large C&I customers’ meters who do not have AMI.
  • The solutions listen for outages using meter call back (if available from the meter manufacturer).
  • If the call back from the meter is not available, the solution can poll meters in near real-time.
  • Collect registers related to voltage values for each of the lost phases and pass information to OMS.
  • Solution converts readings to integrate based on specific OMS’ needs.
  • The software polls the meter in near real-time once it is offline or having a voltage issue until phase(s) restored and stable.

Revenue assurance

Easily detect technical and non-technical losses automatically and easily in near real-time

Know the benefits

The benefits obtained with this solution:

  • Reduction of fraud, theft and loss.

  • Timely and rapid reaction to monitored events.

  • Reduction of monitoring, surveillance and revision costs.

  • Increase in the effectiveness of follow-up visits.

  • Statistical traceability of events.

  • Detect losses through energy balances over the zones of the network that you define.

  • Visualize energy balances by means of single-line diagrams, graphs or tables of values, according to your needs.

  • Be the first to know anomalies in the operation associated with losses, in almost real time so that they can take effective actions.

  • Customize loss thresholds, anomalies to detect and send notifications to the required recipients.

Alerts, Alarms & Notification

The benefits obtained with this solution:

  • Powerful Formula Engine allows for alarms to be set on any data element.
  • Configurable Thresholds to account for specific ranges pertinent to the utility.
  • Integrated to Active Directory if needed.
  • Customizable dashboards.
  • Phasor diagrams.
  • Stand-alone or integrated with Meter Data Collection.
  • Web application.
Know the benefits
  • Flexible formula engine for detecting incidents across:
    • Load profile (mass memory)
    • Events
    • Registers
  • Trigger work orders + notifications to contact groups
  • Three escalation levels
  • Filters + graphs
  • On-line alarms via:
    • SMS
    • Email
    • Local inbox

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