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On-site readings just got easier.

PrimePDA is meter data collection for on-site data download for high-end electricity meters, specifically designed to run on handheld electronic devices. The meter data is downloaded using wired or wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and ZigBee and is tightly integrated with the rest of PrimeStone’s products.

Readings, which include load profile, registers, events and power quality data, are sent to the central data collection center via a web service, and at the same time, updates in meter information and protocols are delivered to the handheld.

The application is multilingual and customizable in order to work with the standard operation terms used in each company allowing for consistency across the application. PrimePDA facilitates accurate meter readings and improves the data measurement coverage that historically were read visually and susceptible to error.

The readings that PrimePDA sends over to the database are ready for:

  • publishing on the web
  • detecting errors and exceptions
  • reporting, data analysis, graphs, and VEE
  • calculating energy balances




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