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Control power losses.

PrimeGrid is an analysis tool that enables end users to define a wide set of electrical parameters, such as voltage levels, sockets and channels in order to generate power balance sheets, single line diagrams, and multiple reports that provide a clear picture of power structures.

Power balances can be triggered manually or scheduled to be automatically calculated on a monthly, daily or hourly basis.

Here are some interesting features that make PrimeGrid a key tool for power utilities that need to focus on loss control:

  • Quickly detect missing readings that keep you from calculating your power balances
  • Includes support for virtual meters
  • The meter groupings, which are the basic building block for power balances, can be organized in hierarchies so you can have high, mid or low-level views of your power structures
  • Save versions of your power balances as readings completed or updated in time
  • User access is based on permissions according to roles and profiles
  • Creating single line diagrams is as simple as doing drag-and-drop





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