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One issue that utilities have to deal with is customer theft and the resulting loss of revenue. One way that criminals have been stealing power over the years has been through setting up a line-side tap on residential meters. This method of stealing power has negatively affected the revenue at utilities around the world. While a number of solutions have been implemented in the industry to mitigate these losses, there are still many customers stealing energy. Beyond the loss in revenue, there is an increased risk of accidents for both utility personnel and for the people setting up connections without proper training or equipment.
Safety is one of the most important practices for utilities, they want to implement solutions that enable them to deliver reliable and safe service to all customers and employees. Primestone has built an analytics product called PrimeAnalytics that helps utilities identify possible line-side tap conditions. With this software the suspected meters can be narrowed down from millions to only those meters that need to be looked at as a result of their unusual behavior in relation to the entire meter population. This allows a utility company to have the visibility needed to identify meters that have been altered to steal power while reducing the time spent finding them. It is an excellent solution that positively impacts safety issues as well as improves revenue assurance for utilities worldwide.
PrimeAnalytics is reliable, accurate, user friendly, and secure software that provides:
• A web interface.
• Support for encrypted communication (SSL).
• Active directory integration.
• AMI system integration.
• An access control list (ACL) to manage roles and users.
• Rich dashboards allowing for a user friendly interface to end users.
• A map to see the meter locations grouped by transformers.
• Filter capability by date or voltage drop.

PrimeStone always works very closely with our utility customers in order to bring the most accurate and useful solutions to solve industry problems, and PrimeAnalytics is no exception. We worked with a few of our customers to test and verify the foundation of this solution to ensure success and then polished it with the feedback we received from them.
PrimeAnalytics is built with a flexible architecture in mind as we expect to include more input variables into our system in the future in order to provide different results that a specific utility might be looking for in analyzing data. We will keep working along with utilities on the future versions listening to their needs and their feedback to build a powerful and robust solution.


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