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Prime Energy Suite

Today’s challenges are tougher than ever:  changes in regulation and electricity markets, legacy meters and last generation meters that must be read, demand control, new competitors,  power losses that need to be brought down to reasonable levels.  Today there is a greater need for having automatic, unattended and user-friendly software tools that allow you to focus on key strategic tasks.

You need a set of tools that will help you succeed in a quickly evolving market.  You need Prime.



Prime brings it all together in some applications that will boost your productivity and make you a winner:

  1. PrimeRead –Over 15 years of experience of development have turned this application into a robust and powerful meter data collection (MDC) engine for both C&I and residential meters.  Currently 150 meter models are supported and the list continues to grow.  PrimeRead ES is not only a MDC engine.  It also has other key features such as the following:
    • Validation, editing and estimation (VEE)
    • Broadcasting of reports
    • Graphs, pivot tables and data filters
    • Supports load profile readings, registers, events and power quality
    • TOU calendars
    • Multiple import and export file formats are supported
  2. PrimePDA - A lightweight MDC running especially designed to run on handhelds for on-site readings.
  3. PrimeWeb – A web presentment tool for publishing to the internet load profile, registers, events and power quality readings.
  4. PrimeGuard - Automatically detects user defined errors and exceptions in the incoming readings and triggers notifications where actions are taken based on simple workflows.
  5. PrimeGrid – Automatically calculates energy balances in order to control power losses.

No more managing multiple applications from different vendors. No more hassles trying to integrate key information from uncoupled applications. No more redundant sources of information.

Prime Energy Suite:  a software suite that brings it all together.  Bring in the power!

 Application Prime Energy Suite version 10 can run with Oracle Database 12c Standard and Enterprise.


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