PrimeStone introduces the latest Meter Data Innovations for the Energy Sector at DistribuTECH 2016


We are a global company specializes in providing meter data collection and analysis software to the energy industry; we will introduce our lastest innovations for the energy industry during DistribuTECH in Orlando, FL on February 9-11, 2016 -- the world’s leading transmission and distribution event. As a Track Sponsor of the event, we will be sharing our knowledge and expertise from booth #558.

“Data and integration is a current need for utilities, whether it be to track productivity, efficiency, theft of energy etc. At DTECH, we will talk about our innovations for collecting data in near real-time while integrating and harnessing the power of information as a solution to break down the information silos that exist to further optimize utilities’ multifaceted businesses,” said Andy Schechter, our Vice President at Primestone for US & Canada.

At DTECH, we will be displaying our powerful multi-vendor and multi-network meter data collection system for commercial, industrial and residential meters that centralizes all information in a relational database. What we offer here is a way of improving efficiency and productivity with data centric systems that may already be in place. Our full smart grid IT system includes:

• PrimeRead: a robust meter data collection that supports over 200 meter models. It also includes a VEE.
• PrimeGuard: easily detects user-defined alarms in meter readings and triggers notifications to work groups
• PrimeWeb: a simple, intuitive web portal where customers can predefine filters to see their key information, generate reports and analyze readings using pivot tables.
• PrimeGrid: result management,
• PrimeMobile: an on-site meter data collection engine that runs on laptops or PDAs. Ideal for contingency reads,
• PrimeAnalytics: gathers information for decision-making,
• PrimePQ: provides support to manage power quality,
• PrimeMTS: serves as the point of measurement traceability,
• PrimeComm: facilitates communication management.

“DTECH is an important event for PrimeStone and for the entire energy industry due to utilities come together to look for both innovative and scalable solutions that can tackle the challenges they face everyday with the help and advice from the best minds in energy” said our President & CEO, Jose Gaviria,.

For more information regarding PrimeStone’s innovation, we invite you to visit our booth #558 at DistribuTECH and have a conversation with us.