PrimeStone at EEI’s transmission, distribution, metering & mutual assistance conference


From September 30 to October 3, the PrimeStone team was present at EEI’s conference in Indian Wells, California, where we attended the Metering and Distribution track and sat in on interesting sessions about topics such as:

  • Utilizing Grid Condition Analytics
  • Edge Analytics
  • Outage Predictions/ Preventions
  • Phase Detection Using AMI Data

Moreover, our team had the opportunity to discuss at our booth some interesting topics with clients and prospects about operationalizing collected meter data, PrimeStone’s analytics and big data path, Smart cities lighting, how to use PrimeStone’s multi-vendor meter data collection and analysis engine, interoperability of Prime Energy Suite with other head end systems OMS and we showed how this Company is devoted to provide a platform to collects, validates, analyzes, manages and controls powerful meter data.